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At South Peak, we are proud of the people on our team. Our roofers and installers are not only great at their jobs, but they are great people! Learn why we feel that we are the best roofing and exterior contractor in Calgary, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Southern Alberta.



We know that high quality workmanship is the key to building our customers’ trust. That’s why we are committed to hiring the best roofers and tradespeople for your roofing or exteriors project. We look for great people with great skills, and provide a great company where they can make a good living. Together, we provide our customers with workmanship we can all be proud of. This is why we offer a 10 year workmanship warranty on all of the work we do for our clients. Ask around and you will find out that no one else stands behind their roofing and exteriors work like we do.

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We are honest and trustworthy. We do what we say we will do. There are no games or short-cuts, only transparent communication to meet the customers goals.

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To us, being professional means good communication, courtesy, and clean-up on our roofing and exteriors projects. We do our best to keep a tight schedule and leave the work site cleaner that when we arrived. Our roofers and installers are kind, easy to talk to people who want excellence for our clients.

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We are covered by WCB and insured. Our roofers and installers follow Alberta safety standards and have an online safety program. Other roofing companies may offer a lower quote, but do they have all of the proper safety and insurance in place?



Our roofers and installers have done roofing and exterior projects all over Southern Alberta. Some of our best and biggest projects have been done outside of Lethbridge and Calgary.

Our new office in Medicine Hat will be opening in the spring of 2018!

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The best way to build a great business and get the best results is to build a great team that is trustworthy. At South Peak, we have a dedicated knowledgeable staff that cares for our clients needs. Our staff are committed to providing excellent customer service along side excellent workmanship for your roofing and exterior needs in Calgary, Lethbridge, and Southern Alberta.

South Peak Staff


Ken Reid - South Peak Roofing Calgary


Owner: Calgary Office

Ken is a co-founder of South Peak and has more than 25 years of shingling experience. Customers appreciate his care, quality, and workmanship. They also appreciate his extensive knowledge of roofing products as he has watched how they have performed over the past two and a half decades.

Also, Ken is a certified HAAG inspector.

Rich Young - South Peak Roofing Calgary


Territory Manager: Calgary Office

Rich has been in the roofing industry for the past number of years. He has a great ability to match customers needs with high quality and affordable roofing and exterior solutions. Customers appreciate that he is funny, knowledgeable, and easy to relate to.

Jody Banda - South Peak Roofing Lethbridge


Owner: Lethbridge Office

Jody is a co-founder of South Peak and has been in contracting and exteriors, as an owner, for over 10 years. Customers appreciate his thoroughness and attention to detail as well as his construction knowledge.

Also, Jody is a certified HAAG inspector.

Dave Ski - South Peak Roofing Lethbridge


PROJECT MANAGER: Lethbridge Office

Dave has been running projects since 2002. He is organized and great with customers. Customers appreciate his straight-forward no nonsense honest approach. They also appreciate that he listens to and cares about the needs of his clients.

Also, Dave is a certified HAAG inspector.

Jordana Gagnon - South Peak Roofing Lethbridge


ADMIN ASSISTANT: Lethbridge Office

Jordana brings organization and a great attitude to South Peak. Her infectious positivity lifts all who communicate with her. Our customers appreciate her organizational skills and her bubbly personality.