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Looking for a new asphalt shingled roof? We carry all of the industry standard shingles giving our customers a wide range of price point and warranty options. With the diverse climate of Southern Alberta, it is important to choose the right shingle for your roof.

What about metal roofing? Many people are looking for a roofing solution guaranteed to last. We offer the standard ribbed metal roof all of the way up to the Rare metal roof.

South Peak roofing spends the time and money to become preferred contractors with our shingle manufacturers. This prepares us with the knowledge of materials and how to properly install them; giving our customers the best roofing solution possible.

We are a preferred contractor for the best shingle manufacturers in the industry: Owens Corning, Malarkey, and CertainTeed.

Hail and Wind Damaged Roof Lethbridge Calgary – Roof Insurance Claims

Hail is your roofs #1 enemy. In fact, the way shingles are rated is in direct proportion to there ability to survive the impact of hail. Shingles with a Class 4 rating are the best defense against hail.

Southern Alberta is known for it’s warm temperatures and strong wind! It is not uncommon for shingles to be blown off roofs during excessive wind storms. If your home is situated in a place that gets direct high winds, it is very important to choose a shingle with a high wind rating. We also add extra tar to roofs that are installed during the cooler months to protect the roof until the sun bakes the shingles together.

At South Peak, we have years of roofing experience and we can assist you in choosing the right shingle for the right situation.

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Whether you need a full house rap of siding, fixes from hail damage, or just want to upgrade your exterior, South Peak Roofing and Exteriors uses the best siding materials available for your home renovation. We have transformed the appearance of many residential homes with professionally installed siding such as: regular vinyl siding, vertical vinyl siding, vinyl shake and Hardie board.

Hail Damaged Siding – Insurance Claims

Hail is a reality in Southern Alberta. We have handled hundreds of hail siding claims in Lethbridge, Calgary and rural Alberta. If you have hail damage to your siding, South Peak can prepare the information needed for an insurance claim as well as complete the work.

If your siding is relatively new, it may be possible to change the hail damaged pieces with new ones. This is only possible if the existing sidings’ colour has not faded in the sun. If it has faded, the whole damaged side of the house may need to be replaced with new siding.

If your sidings colour/grain has been discontinued, we can remove the damaged siding and repair it onsite. This option is a last resort as this process is expensive.

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Proper installation of soft metals ( eavestrough, downspouts, soffits, fascia ) are essential to protect your home from the elements. South Peak uses skilled and experienced personal to install and repair your soft metals.

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