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Metal Roof Installation

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Residential Metal Roofing

Some people think that metal roofs are only for commercial roofing scenarios or installed on barns. At South Peak, our metal roof installers are experts at installing metal roofs on residential homes in Southern Alberta.

In Calgary metal roofs are typically one of the following profiles:

Corrugated Exposed Fastener Roofing

Corrugated sheet metal, or ribbed profile, (which it is commonly called), is the most common type of metal roofing. There are also many different options available for this profile, including steel gauge and colour.

Gauge refers to the thickness of the metal. We typically install 29 gauge but can also do 26 or 24 depending on the colour and profile chosen.

Exposed Fastener Metal Roofing Calgary Lethbridge Medicine Hat
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Standing Seam Profile

The standing seam profile is often seen on residential and commercial properties. Its claim to fame is that the fasteners are hidden, thus producing a sleek, clean look.

Standing seam metal roofs are a little more expensive than the corrugated option. It is available in 24 or 26 gauge and comes in a variety of colours.

Our supplier for metal roofing is Forma Steel in Fort Macleod.

Please view their website to see their full range of products.

Forma Loc (26 gauge) and Nail Strip (24 gauge) are the typical standing seam hidden fastener panels we install.

Benefits of Metal Roofing

While the cost of a metal roof is more than a traditional asphalt system, one of its biggest advantages is its longevity. A Calgary metal roof can potentially last for 50 years if it is taken care of and properly maintained.

For example, metal roofs need to be maintained by changing all of the fasteners approximately every 15 years. The rubber stopper on the fastener can dry out and crack over time, causing the potential for leaking where the screw penetrates the metal.

Another benefit of choosing a metal roofing system is the fact that it is an eco-friendly option. This is because it is made up of nearly 98% of recycled aluminum. One concern about metal roofing is that it will rust over time. However, today’s metal sheets and coils are protected with a specially engineered coating designed to prevent rust from forming.

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