Why choose South Peak?

Many people and contractors say they can do roofing and exterior work. Especially during hail season, they seem to pop up all over Southern Alberta. They promise great results and give customer low-ball quotes to win the business. But, as soon as this season is done, they disappear – often leaving homeowners with problems on their roof/exteriors and disconnected phone numbers.

Nobody wants a bad contractor. We have all heard horror stories of poor workmanship, uncompleted work and even outright fraud. Choosing the right contractor is a very important part of your home reno.

At South Peak, we have built our business on doing what is best for the customer. We hire the best people and pay them well so that we get the best results for our clients. Our advice comes from a place of honesty – looking out for the needs of our clients, not our bottom line. We believe that if we give the best to our clients, our business will grow. This is why our slogan is “We’d rather be trusted”.

We are likely not going to be the cheapest option – but we believe that you will get the best value for your dollar by choosing South Peak. We rarely get called back to our job sites because we have done the work correctly the first time. Of course, if there is an issue, we promptly make it right.

We suggest that you read through South Peaks online reviews to hear what real customers have said.

What is the typical length of a project?

Depending on the scope, it could be 1 day – to several weeks. Typically the roof is done first, then followed by the siding and soft metals.

Roofing, on most residential roofs, take 1-4 days.

A full wrap of siding could take up to 10 working days while a side of a house 2-3 days. If there are repairs, they can typically be done within 1 day.

Soft Metal work, eavestrough, downspouts, fascia, and soffits, can range from 1-4 days.

Each part of your project is done by a different crew and there may be a gap of time between each crew – as the schedule necessitates.

Weather, wind, and season are the major factors that also determine the length of your project. Roofing in Calgary, Lethbridge and Southern Alberta are possible during the winter, but not advised in below 0 temperatures.

Is South Peak Green?

Did you know that South Peak handles it’s garbage in a GREEN way?

On most jobs, the roofers separate the garbage, placing the shingles on the bottom of the bin and grouping the rest ( per type ) to be placed on top. When the bin is delivered to the dump, the shingles are able to be placed in a separate location in order to be recycled. Also, any metals from a roof are also recycled. South Peak does its part by recycling as much roofing material as possible.

What is the process of roof replacement?

Here is the process of installing a new roof:

0) Tarp ground to prepare for the job, place garbage bin
1) Remove (or rip) Shingles: Depending on the configuration of your property will depend on whether we can place a garbage bin next to a portion of the roof. If yes, shingles are thrown from the roof into the bin directly. If a bin cannot be placed close to the roof, a tarp is placed on the ground and shingles are carried from the tarp to the bin. Measures are taken to protect your eavestrough and items on the ground from damage
2) Deck Base Applied: A 3.5 foot roll of shingle like material ( that comes in rolls ) is applied to the eaves and valleys of your roof. This durable membrane protect the most susceptible parts of your roof from water and ice penetration.
3) Apply synthetic paper to the remainder of the house. All South Peak roofs are fully covered with a high quality paper/base
4) Install Metal Valleys
5) Install starter shingles on top of the deck base. This adds thicker protection on top of the deck base
6) Install shingles to cover the roof along with all vents, goosenecks, and plumbing stacks
7) Install cap shingles on all of the ridges
8) Do a thorough cleanup of the eavestrough and ground
9) Neatly stack all remaining materials for pickup
10) Remove materials and bin from site.

Will I have to wait to get my work done?

It depends on the time of year. In Spring, there will typically be a 1-3 week wait. In late fall and winter, scheduling has everything to do with weather.

During hail season, it is highly recommended to file your insurance claim as soon as possible and get your job into the queue as it can be 6-8 weeks. Other large roofing companies with well known names can, during this period, have 80-100 roof projects in the queue and cause you to wait 6-12 months to have the work completed. South Peak will never make you wait that long.

At South Peak, we do our very best to communicate clearly and often about scheduling.

WCB? Insured? Certified?

Many customers would be surprised at how many contractors do not have proper liabilities in place to run their business. Ask the contractors that you are receiving quotes from if they have WCB in good standingand if they have proper liability insurance. Many contractors have WCB, but it is not in good standing. This means that there coverage is suspended. This should be a major red flag for a home owner.

South Peak Roofing and Exteriors covers all of its employees with WCB and it is always in good standing. Also, we have liability insurance.

Certifications … yes we have them. We have HAAG Certified inspectors at both our Lethbridge and Calgary offices. As a company we are a certified preferred contractor with three of the best asphalt shingle manufacturers: Owens Corning, Malarkey, and Certainteed. These certifications insure that we have the expert knowledge for proper installation of each of these products. It also allows South Peak to offer our customers better warranties.