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Eavestrough / Gutter Installation In Lethbridge


We know just how important it is to direct water away from your home. That’s why every component of your home’s exterior plays a role in not only the look and aesthetic but also its protection.

The eavestrough / gutters on your home are there to for this exact reason. They catch and divert water off your roof to your downspouts, which carry the water away from your home.

Channelling the water elsewhere can prevent damage to the foundation or parts of the exterior of your home.

For pristine eavestrough / gutter installations, South Peak is the number one option in Lethbridge.

Residential Eavestrough / Gutter Services Offered In Lethbridge

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Eavetrough / Gutter Installs

We offer replacement services along with new construction eavestrough/gutter installations.

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Insurance Claim Assistance, Plus Storm Damage

We can help with insurance claims and repairs to eavestrough / gutters  involved in hail or wind damage.

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Problematic Gutters 

Even though gutters are made from metal, their joints after time can cause problems. When the joints on gutters become worn out, they tend to leak, disrupting the flow of water away from the home’s structure. Leaking gutters are typically an easy fix. Reapplication of the correct adhesive can reseal the faulty joints, meaning no more leaks.

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Water Deflector Installations  

Often, roofs will have a spot that all of the water will direct and pool towards. When this occurs, the water pooled in the eavestrough will overshoot it, causing problems. To ensure the water flow is directed correctly, deflectors will be installed. These deflectors will channel the water back into your eavestrough.

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Gutter Guard Installations

When installing a new eavestrough, installing gutter guards is also recommended. Gutter guards will prevent materials from building up and sticking together in the eavestrough. When a blockage like this arises, it can disrupt the flow of water and it can overflow the eaves causing further damage.

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Heated Eavestrough Lethbridge

ice damming


The unpredictable weather in Lethbridge & Southern Alberta can cause a problem for your eaves and gutters when ice damning occurs.  When ice dams, a ridge will form and hang from your eavestrough.

The trouble occurs inside the eavestrough when water gets halted behind the ice dam. If the water backs up too much, it can overflow and enter the home due to pooling on the roof. This can cause damage to your home’s walls, insulation and more if you aren’t careful.

All of this can be prevented if you install a heat trace system. Heat trace can ensure proper water flow by melting the ice damns.

Heat Trace systems are insulated, flexible cables, laid in the eavestroughs or downspouts heated by electricity. They will melt any snow or ice build-up, preventing water damage to your home.

Downspouts Lethbridge


While the eavestrough and gutter’s function is to redirect water off of the roof. The downspout is the vertical pipe that will take this water from the roof and divert it away from the house. Usually channelling it to a garden or spot that won’t cause your structure to be compromised.

South Peak offers residential and commercial installs for downspouts and downspout diverters in Lethbridge.

Downspout Services We Offer

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Lethbridge Downspout Installation

South Peak offers downspout installation for new construction projects, along with repair and replacement services.

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Insurance Claim / Storm Damage

For help with insurance claims and repairs to downspouts involved in hail or wind storm damage, we can help.

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