Lethbridge Roof Warranty


Your roof is the single most costly component of your home, and your roof warranty should be a factor is deciding what shingle goes on your roof. South Peak Lethbridge has years of shingling experience and we use the manufacturers that offer the best warranties.

Best Lethbridge Roof Warranty in the Industry

We have be awarded the Shingle Master Select designation from shingle manufacturer CertainTeed. We qualified for this designation because CertainTeed followed our shingle installations and customer satisfaction for over a year. The result was we excelled.

Shingle Master Select contractors can offer the best manufacturer roof warranties in Alberta and we are the only company in Southern Alberta with this designation. The 5 star warranty offers a 50 year shingle warranty and a 25 year workmanship warranty both from CertainTeed.

5 Star Roof warranty - Lethbridge Roof Warranty

Enhanced Shingle Warranty Comparison Chart

ManufacturerTypeLengthHail RatingWind RatingTransferable
Owens CorningDuration50 YearsClass 1209 KMYes
CertainteedLandmark20 or 50 YearsClass 1209 KM Yes - for 12 years
CertainteedNorthgate20 or 50 YearsClass 4209 KMYes - for 12 years
MalarkeyVista18 YearsClass 3200 KM - 10 YearYes
MalarkeyLegacy20 YearsClass 4240 KM - 25 YearYes