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Developed to provide the best possible protection against the elements for low slope applications, our 2 ply system gives you maximum protection from water penetration.

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The Basics Of A Low Slope Roof

At lower slopes a roof cannot dispel water at the same rate as a roof with more pitch. The potential for water to infiltration is quite high. Due to the increased risk of water penetration, additional steps must be taken to ensure you have a strong, water tight barrier.

A 2 ply system with a water proof base layer creates the barrier that you need to prevent any potential leaking problems. Shingles do not provide protection at low slope.

The Roof Pitch

A roof with a pitch/slope of less than 3/12 is considered to be low slope. What does that mean? What is roof pitch? A 3/12 slope for example, is a rise of 3 inches over the span of 12 inches.

Low slope roof completed project using PolyGlass White Color finish
Low slope roof membrane lay down

Low Slope Shingles

Some high wind shingles are also warrantied for a 2/12 pitch. However, we recommend not to install shingles on a slope lesser than 2/12. Low slope tar and gravel roofing are typically 2/12 or less. Economically shingles can be a great solution to a low slope application because of their price and high wind rating.

Any roof with a slope of less than 3/12 requires either 2 layers of synthetic paper or a full ice/water membrane underneath the shingles.

Tar and Gravel Conversions

In the 70's and 80's, the installation of Tar and Gravel roofs on low was very common. The gravel was added to the tar as a UV light barrier in order to prolong the life of the roof. Tar and Gravel roofs are no longer being installed as better low slope roofing products have become available.

Tar and Gravel roofs, once they start to leak, are often difficult and expensive to fix. If you are experiencing leaking on a Tar and Gravel roof, a replacement is the solution most of the time.

South Peak roofing has converted many Tar and Gravel roofs to a the Elastoflex 2-ply system. The result is a clean, watertight roof that will last in the neighbour of 20 years.

Low Slope Products Options

Non-Torch Down Roofing Solutions

Elastoflex Self-Adhered Membrane

PolyGlass Elastoflex Low Slope Roof Manufacture Logo

South Peak Roofing & Exteriors can convert your low slope shingle or tar and gravel roof. Elastoflex is a 2-ply roll on roof system. We install it onto a roof once we remove the old tar and gravel. The Elastoflex comes with a 20-year warranty and stands up long term to our very diverse weather conditions in Southern Alberta. Elastoflex comes in a variety of colours. Contact us to see what colours are availble.

Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - Reflective White

Highly Reflective White

Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - Black


Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - Chestnut


Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - Red Blend

Red Blend

Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - Pine Green

Pine Green

Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - Buff


Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - Grey Slate

Grey Slate

Elastoflex - Cap Sheet Colour - White


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