Medicine Hat Eaves & Gutters

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Medicine Hat Eaves & Gutters
Medicine Hat Eaves & Gutters - Water Deflectors
Medicine Hat Gutter Guards

Diverting water away from your home is one of the more important aspects of your exteriors functional design. Eaves troughs or gutters are used to catch and channel water from your roof to your downspouts and away from the structure.

South Peak is the best choice for eaves / gutters in Medicine Hat. Here are the services that we offer:

  • Eave / Gutter Installation — New construction project or gutter replacement
  • Insurance Claim / Storm Damage — Look to us to help with insurance claims or eave damage from storms
  • Leaky Gutters — Though gutters are a metal product, an adhesive is used to seal joints. Often times leaky gutters can easily be fixed with reapplication of the correct adhesive
  • Water Deflection — Some roofs pool a significant amount of water to one point of your eaves trough causing the potential to over shoot the eave. Installation of water deflectors helps channel water back into your eave trough.
  • Gutter Guards — Many of our customers choose to install gutter guards with their new eaves trough. Gutter guards prevent the build up of materials in the trough causing a blockage in the flow of water.

We install both standard 5″ residential eaves troughs as well as various commercial grades.