Medicine Hat Roof Insurance Claims

LOCATION: MEDICINE HAT | Roof Insurance Claims

Many of our customers look to us to help them through their roof insurance claims. A large percentage of people have never filed an insurance claim and are confused about the process and the financial compensation offered by their insurance company. We are a preferred contractor with one of western Canada’s leading insurance companies – so we are familiar with roof insurance claims.

Storm Damage Estimate

Do you need an estimate for storm damage to your property prepared for your insurance company? Unless you are familiar with how and what insurance companies are looking for, you could be accepting a settlement for less than you are entitled to receive. We have helped a number of customers get more money in their settlement

Medicine Hat Roof Insurance Claims

Denied Insurance Claims

We like working with insurance companies, but sometimes they need to be kept accountable. We have seen insurance claims denied when the evidence proves otherwise. South Peak Roofing & Exteriors has HAAG Certified Inspectors available in Medicine Hat. The HAAG certification is the credential that enables us to assess roof damage as per HAAG standards which most insurance companies recognize. If you have been denied a roof claim, we can inspect your roof to verify whether a denied claim is justifiable. We have had success in helping customers over-turn their denied claim.

Medicine Hat HAAG Certified Roof Inspectors