Medicine Hat Roof Replacement


We know that if you look to South Peak, you are going to have a great experience with your Medicine Hat roof replacement. Here is why:

Great Crews

When you have crews that are good at what they do and love their job, it shows. We have people tell us all of the time what a pleasure it was to have our crews work on their roof.

Certified Installation and Inspection

Many other Medicine Hat roofing contractors have staff installing shingles that have never been trained by the manufacturer. South Peak believes in training our crews and getting them certified by the shingle manufacturers. This is how are are able to offer extended warranties on our installs. Manufacturers only offer this to roofing companies that they train. We have certifications from the following shingle manufacturers:

Medicine Hat roofing certification: Certainteed SELECT

Certainteed Shingle Master SELECT

Certified Medicine Hat roofing contractor

Medicine Hat roofing certification: Malarkey Residential Roofing Contractor

Certified Roofing Contractor

Expertly trained certified Medicine Hat roofers

Owens Corning Medicine Hat Roofing Preferred Contractor

Preferred Roofing Contractor

Preferred roofing contractor in Medicine Hat

HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors

HAAG Certified Roofing Inspectors

Certified Roofing Inspection.

Medicine Hat Roof Replacement Experts
Medicine Hat roof replacement - Roofing Contractor

Roofing Products

We offer all of the best roofing products on the market. Our roof replacement quotes have different options on them from basic minimum code installations all the way up to designer Class 4 shingles. Check out the products we offer for your Calgary roof replacment.

Clean Up

Our experience tells us one thing: our customer may not be able to see all of the amazing things we did on top of the roof, but they will certainly see the clean up ( or lack there of ) on the ground. Our goal is to leave your property cleaner than when we arrived.

Roof Warranties

This is where South Peak is set apart. We can offer extended warranties on all of the roofs that we sell. Not all Calgary roofing companies can. Not only that, we can offer the best roof warranty in Calgary. Check out the manufacturer and workmanship roof warranties we can offer you.