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Protect your home against the harsh weather conditions of Southern Alberta. Metal is a long-lasting stylish alternative to traditional shingles that will give you peace of mind for years to come.

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Why Choose Metal Roofing

Residential, Commerical and Agricultural Metal Roofing

Longer Life Span & Energy-Efficiency

A metal roof installation can add a unique touch to your home. Not only that, but it can help lower your heating and cooling bills throughout the year.

It wasn’t that long ago when people thought metal was only for commercial roofing applications. Now, it is becoming a popular residential roofing product, and for a good reason. Not only is it recyclable, energy-efficient, and hail resistant, you can also expect a lifespan of 50+ years.

At South Peak Roofing & Exteriors, we provide superior roofing services to all of Southern Alberta. This includes metal roof installation, maintenance, and repairs. Below are a few benefits when choosing metal roofing.

Completed metal roof replacement with FC-36 standard profile dark blue color
Metal roof standard profile roof replacement with bright light white color
Metal roof with standard profile and buckskin color
Standing Seam metal roof profile
Standard profile metal roof with black color

Benefits Of A Metal Roof

A Durable, & Long-Lasting Roof

Metal roofs have several benefits. They are energy-efficient, recyclable, durable, and long-lasting. When properly installed and well maintained, a metal roof could last up to 50 years. In addition, a metal roof can seal water out and isn’t impacted as much by high winds and hail that we can get in Southern Alberta. In the winter, it quickly sheds snow, so you don’t have to worry about moisture making its way into your home.


Hail Resistance

Metal roofing is not functional affected by marble to golf ball size hail, depending on the gauge of the metal.


Energy Efficient

Keep more money in your pocket by saving on utilities. Metal is a great insulator both in the summer and winter.


Environmentally Friendly

Made with 100% recyclable material. Metal roofing means less in the landfill and a cleaner planet.


Consistent Colour

Forma Steel panels come with a 40 year finish warranty. It maintains its film integrity with minimal colour fading.


Wind Defiant

Metal roofing, when properly installed, stands up against the brutal wind in Southern Alberta.


2x 3x 4x Longer Life Span

Although more expensive than shingles, metal roofing, because of its long life span, is a great investment long term.

Metal Roofing Basics

Learn about Metal Profies and Gauges

What is a Profile?

A panels profile refers to its shape. All metal panel manufacturers have a variety of profiles to choose from. In the case of our suppliers there are 3 typical options: ribbed , corrugated , and standing seam. The ribbed profile is the most common and can have various looks and sizes.

The ribs in the profile add strength as well as contour and beauty. A ribbed profile is commonly installed in all of the different realms of roofing: residental, commerical and agricultural. Choosing the metal profile is usually the first step in picking out a metal roof.

Image of corrugated and standing seam metal roof profiles
Image of specialized duct-tape for metal roofs

What is Gauge?

A panels profile refers to its shape, but the gauge refers to the thickness of the metal. Typically, the standard gauge of a roof is 29 gauge steel. As the number gets lower, the thickness of the metal increases giving the panel weight and strength.

Other typical gauge options would be 26 and 24. Some commerical roofs use 20 gauge, but not all metal suppliers would stock this. Our supplier has 29, 26, and 24 gauge options.

What is Exposed or Hidden Fastener?

Typically, a metal roof will be an exposed fastener roof or a hidden fasten roof. The exposed fastener roofs ( ribbed or corrugated ), have the rubber washer and screws visible. The hidden fastener roofs, such as Standing Seam, cover the screws up as the next panel is installed.

Hidden fastener roofs typically look more designer and sleek, while the exposed fastener roofs are largely more about function (but look great as well). The hidden fastener roofs cost more to begin with as the installation takes significantly longer. The exposed fastener roofs are less expensive but do require the screws to be changed every 10-15 years.

This is due to the UV light eroding the rubber washers on the screws causing the screws to be loose or giving access to water at the screw holes because the washer has failed. Replacing the screws on a metal roof is easy, but the cost of that should be factored into the decision of the type of roof you want to install.

Metal Roofing Options

Metal Roof Profies We Offer

Standard Profile

Forma Steel Logo - Metal Roof Manufacturer

Forma Steel's standard (most common) ribbed roof panel is called the FC-36. It is an exposed fastener roof panel with the option of 29 or 26 gauge.

FC-36 Profile & Visualization

FC 36 Metal Roofing Panel Diagram
FC 36 Metal Roofing Panel
FC36 - Metal Roof Panel - Bright White

Bright White

FC36 - Metal Roof Panel - Heron Blue

Heron Blue

FC36 - Metal Roof Panel - Buckskin


FC36 - Metal Roof Panel - Sable


FC36 - Metal Roof Panel - Tan


FC36 - Metal Roof Panel - Tile Red

Tile Red

Standing Seam Profile

Forma Steel Logo

Standing seam metal roofs are most often found on commercial properties or high-end residential homes. Standing seam is durable, energy-efficient, and beautiful. It also has a fresh, bold look that complements your home while giving it a contemporary feel.

One of the unique features about it is that the fasteners are hidden. You can choose from snap-lock, mechanical seam, batten panels, and nail/fastener flange options. Standing seam metal roofs are a little more expensive than the ribbed option. However, it comes in a large range of colours and is generally available as in 26 or 24 gauge.

Forma Loc Profile & Visualization

Form Loc Metal Roof Panel Diagram
Form Loc Metal Roof Panel
Form Loc Metal Roof Panel - Bright White

Bright White

Form Loc Metal Roof Panel - Heron Blue

Heron Blue

Form Loc Metal Roof Panel - Buckskin


Form Loc Metal Roof Panel - Sable


Form Loc Metal Roof Panel - Tan


Form Loc Metal Roof Panel - Tile Red

Tile Red

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