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As the leading solar panel installation contractor in Alberta, we specialize in designing and installing grid-connected solar power systems that harness the power of the sun to power your home or business. With our office in Lethbridge, Alberta, we are ideally situated to serve customers throughout the region with quick, reliable installation services.

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Avoid Additional Costs When Installing Renewable Engery

Why A New Roof Is Essential Before Installing Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to your home is a significant investment. However, most people who do this first have their roofs replaced. Depending on the system and size, it could cost a homeowner between $2000 - $4000 to have a solar system removed and reinstalled to accommodate a new roofing system.

At South Peak Roofing, we have qualified staff to do both: Roof replacements and Solar panel installations. So why go through the hassle of coordinating both projects when we can handle all this for you?

South Peak roofing employee installing solar panels on a rubber roof.

A Wide Range Of Options

We Offer Industry-Leading Solar Options

Two contractors are installing solar panels onto a brown asphalt roof, while two other men stand on the roof inspecting the positioning of the panels. The exterior of the building is covered in light brown cladding

We believe that renewable energy is the future! Therefore we're proud to offer a range of solar systems designed to help you generate electricity for your home. In fact, our solar panel solutions come from industry-leading manufacturers, including Hanwha, LONGi, APsystems, and Hoymiles.

These manufacturers are recognized for their commitment to renewable energy innovation and technology. Constant innovation allows our customers to receive the most advanced and efficient solar systems.

So, give us a call or fill in our easy-to-use callback form if you're interested in installing solar panels. We offer expert roof and solar advice to help you make the right decision. Also, we can help you select an ideal solar setup that fits your budget.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust South Peak Roofing & Exteriors to deliver reliable and efficient solar solutions that help you save money and protect the environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our solar system options and how we can help you achieve energy independence with renewable energy.

How Solar Work & Why You Need Them

Going Green with Solar Panels

Solar panels transform sunlight into usable electricity. Essentially, here's how the process works:

Sunlight Converted Into Electrical Current

When sunlight reaches the solar modules, the panels create an electrical current.

Panel To Conductive Wire

The generated electricity flows to the edge of the panel and into a conductive wire.

Micro Inverter. DC to AC Conversion

The conductive wire carries the electricity to a micro inverter, which converts it from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), which is used to power the home.

Electricity Distribution

The AC electricity is transported via another wire from the inverter to the electric panel, which distributes the electricity throughout the home as needed.

Feeding The Grid

Any electricity that is not immediately needed flows through the utility meter and into the grid. As the electricity flows through the meter, it causes the meter to run backward, crediting the homeowner for excess generation.

Top view or drone footage of neighborhood with a few homes equipped with solar panels.

Quick Solar Panel Installation Checklist

Getting A Proper Estimate

Top view of homes that has solar installed on a brown CerTainTeed ashphalt shingle roof.

Solar roof panels are a significant investment, but South Peak Roofing & Exteriors experts will help you every step of the way. With that said, below are a few items we can help with:

Solar Auditt

Perform a solar audit, which will include a review of your energy bills and an analysis of the condition of your roof.

Total Solar Panel Calculation

Determine the number of solar panels you need as well as their optimal orientation.

Provide Estimate

Provide a detailed quote and a proposed design layout for your solar system.

Permits & Materials

Obtain any necessary permits and order the materials

Complete Installation

Complete the installation in 1-5 days, depending on the size of the system.

Post Installation Inspection

Inspect and commission the system as required.

Monitoring Setup

Set up a monitoring system and educate you on how to use it.

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Very friendly service and very informative about the product and service. This company understood the roofing and electrical requirements of the job.

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South Peak did a great job in record time and was extremely thorough ensuring everything was cleaned up after the install.

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